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New York Southeast Religious Training Institute

The New York Southeast Religious Training Institute, founded by Bishop Norman Quick, has been offering Excellence in Biblical Education for 46 Years.  Blessing Students with a hunger for Understanding and Systematic Instruction in the Truths of the Word of God, open not just to members of our own Churches but from Students of the Word of God all over.  It is even now offering distance learning to students all the way in Africa.  Come learn the Word with us!

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Catalogue and Application

General Information

We in the Faculty and Staff of the New York Southeast Religious Training Institute are pleased to offer you this opportunity to participate in our systematic biblical instruction, offered through our various courses and instructors for this coming Academic Year.  Our coursework is designed to give doctrinally sound, biblically based training for those who want to better understand the Word of God, to grow in Christian Faith and Discipleship and for those who are in Ministerial Training.  When you enroll in Bible School, you are embarking on a journey that will prove to be a life-defining experience as you interact with the profound Truths found in the Word of God.  Whether a new convert who is just seeking more knowledge, or a mature believer who is searching for more depth of understanding of the scripture, the New York Southeast Religious Training Institute offers courses that give you the chance to explore the vast riches of the Word of God.

As you complete your application and look to register for the courses offered in this Academic Year, please note that due to the ongoing COVID crisis and the incumbent guidelines, though we have several campuses where courses are typically offered, the primary course platform on this year will be the Virtual platforms.  Each course and instructor will have a Zoom webinar set up for the semester for you to log into, which you will receive that information once you are registered and placed into a course.  Also note that with Distance Learning available, if seats are open in course sections at a different campus or being taught by a different instructor than in your geographic area or District in the Jurisdiction, you are welcome to register and take that course online.

The following are included in the enclosed

  1. List of Campuses, along with Faculty and Staff**

  2. List of Courses generally offered and specifically offered for the 2023 – 2024 Academic Year, along with any pre-requisites

  3. Schedule of Courses available for you to enroll along with Tuition and Registration Fees

  4. Application / Registration Form

  5. For further inquiries or information and to submit your application, go to or email us at




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