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New York Southeast Jurisdiction


A Spirit-filled body of believers, an Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction (Diocese) of churches of the Church of God in Christ Inc. COGIC is a Pentecostal protestant Christian denomination with an estimated 6.5 million adherents worldwide.


New York Southeast Jurisdiction is a group of Spirit-filled believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, part of the Ecclesiastical structure and order of the Church of God in Christ, Inc. a worldwide denomination with an estimated 6.5 Mil members worldwide and over 15,000 congregations in the continental U.S.  New York Southeast Diocese covers churches from Newburgh (Orange County) to Roosevelt (Nassau County) in the State of New York.

Founded in 1992 by Bishop Norman N. Quick, with the approval of then Presiding Bishop L.H. Ford, the New York Southeast Jurisdiction has embraced churches and pastors who have a heart for God for the life and ministry of the Church of God in Christ.  Prior to starting the operation of New York Southeast, Bishop Norman N. Quick had been consecrated as Bishop and had been serving the church as the Jurisdictional Prelate of the Rhode Island Jurisdiction from 1986.  Bishop Quick traveled with busloads each year from New York to Rhode Island and was faithful in the discharge of his duties as the Prelate there.  Given the opportunity after a conversation with Presiding Bishop Ford, to “come on home”, Bishop embraced a group of pastors and churches who otherwise felt discouraged or had been disconnected or disenfranchised, but wanted to continue to be fully connected and participating members of the Church of God in Christ.

As Bishop Quick continued to be active in his work in the national church, including serving as President of the Publishing House, he also was diligent in implementing his vision for home.  He always desired for the jurisdiction to be a resource for Pastors, Leaders and Laity, for fellowship, empowerment and support such that everyone could effectively complete the Kingdom assignments God has given us.  Bishop also was a lover of missions and was known to many pastors coming from the continent of Africa, and often they would come to visit Childs Memorial Temple or come and participate in the jurisdictional meetings.  Under Bishop Quick, New York Southeast was one of the first jurisdictions in the New York area to start a totally Haitian, Creole/French speaking church, under a Haitian minister whom Bishop had trained and ordained.

Today, New York Southeast Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction continues to embrace the vision for ministry and Kingdom impact at the local church level, with programs and initiatives under the leadership of Jurisdictional Prelate, Bishop Tyrone L. Butler.

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