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Bishop Tyrone Butler is the Pastor and Chief Executive Officer of the Salvation and Restoration Christian COGIC in Brooklyn, New York. A native of New York, he was raised in the traditions of holiness by his parents and is a fourth generation son of the Church of God in Christ.  He also serves as the CEO of TL Butler Ministries, an evangelistic crusade ministry to impact the body of Christ with preaching, teaching, workshops and seminars.


Having matriculated through the public school system of the City of New York, Bishop Butler furthered his professional pursuits by earning a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree with a concentration in Finance and has worked in Accounting and Finance for over twenty years.  He distinguished himself in his secular pursuits, proving himself a valuable asset in the corporate arena, working as the Senior Analyst for the North America Consumer Products group, with responsibility for the strategic planning and analysis for a $30 million dollar budget for the Hit Entertainment/Fisher Price division of the Mattel Corp, the largest children’s toy and consumer products company in America.  Bishop Butler has been blessed to bring his corporate financial and administrative experience to bear in the context of his service to the church, demonstrating great acumen in administration with various assignments from the local church to the national.


He has served as the Chief Financial Officer of the local ministry, the District Secretary of Acts 2:42 District, later succeeding his father as District Superintendent and also has served as Jurisdictional Chief Adjutant for five (5) years as well as Jurisdictional Secretary for seven (7) years under the late Prelate of New York Southeast Jurisdiction, Bishop Norman N. Quick.  Feeling a powerful and distinct call to impact a generation in the area of youth ministry, the (then) Elder Butler also served for twelve (12) years as a jurisdictional Youth President and also served eight (8) years as a Regional Youth President in the International Youth Department of the Church of God in Christ, of the East Region, comprising the states of New York to Virginia.  His service with passion, commitment and skill opened the door of opportunity for him to work with then International Youth President Linwood Dillard as the Department Administrator of the International Youth Department.  His faithfulness led to another door being opened, with the appointment of Superintendent Dillard to International AIM Chairman, (then) Elder Butler was asked to serve as Executive Secretary of AIM and in December 2014 further received appointment as a Vice Chairman of the International AIM Convention of the Church of God in Christ.  Bishop Butler also served many years as a National Adjutant and in the National Security Task Force of the church, giving diligent service with honor to the leadership of the church.  More recently he has served the Board of Bishops as Assistant to the Secretary as well as Chairman of Election Commission.


After the demise of Bishop Norman N. Quick, in August 2012, (then) Elder Butler was appointed to serve as Jurisdiction Chief of Staff/Chief Operating Officer by General Board Member and Interim Prelate, Bishop Frank O. White.  In September 2013, (then) Elder Butler was appointed by the Presiding Bishop and General Board as Bishop-Designate for the New York Southeast Jurisdiction and subsequently, in the 106th Holy Convocation in November 2013 was Consecrated and Installed as Bishop and Jurisdictional Prelate of the New York Southeast Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of the Church of God in Christ.


Bishop Butler continues to serve as the proud Pastor of the Salvation & Restoration COGIC family, where serving faithfully with him is his loving wife of Twenty (20) years, the Evangelist Racquel Lynn Butler and he also is the father of one son, Brother Eric Boyd (Hannah M. Boyd) and grandfather to Eric Jr., Logan and Brooklynn Melody.

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